Guidelines for Publication

1. The Journal of Religion and Philosophical Research is an electronic journal that will be published twice a year, in June and December.

2. It is an international peer reviewed scholarly journal that intends to publicize and promote philosophical and scientific studies on religion; in order that we may have better and deeper understanding of religion.

3. The languages of the publications includes Turkish, English, Arabic, German and French.

4. Articles submitted to the Journal of Religion and Philosophical Research for publication must not be previously published, accepted for publication by another journal or in the process of review to be published in another journal.

5. The articles submitted for publication are first examined by the editorial board with respect to the technical and scholarly (bilimsel) requirements. If the submitted article meets the technical and scholarly requirements, it is sent to at least two peer reviewer. If both peer reviewers approve the article to be publishable, then it is published.

6. Since the reports of the reviewers are confidential, the names of the referees will not be included in the information section of the issues of the journal.

7. The authors are not paid for their material published in the journal, they shall receive a digital copy of their contribution.

8. All rights of the published articles are registered to the Journal of Religion and Philosophical Research. They may be quoted and used with the proviso of proper acknowledgement/ reference. Legal and scholarly responsibility of the published articles belongs to the author.

9. Editors of the journal hold the right to edit the material to improve the language and style and to meet a common standard of orthography with the consent of the author. However, they may not change the content of the material.