Religion and Philosophical Research

Since its institution in 2007, the Society for Philosophy of Religion has organized many conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, following its institutional goal. The institutional goal of the society is to contribute to the academic research to understand religion and to assist scholars in presenting and sharing their ideas and investigations on religion. Since 2007, the society took important steps to realize this goal, as it organized different kinds of meetings in Istanbul, as well as different cities around Turkey. Through the activities organized by the society, on the one hand, scholars who study philosophy of religion got an opportunity to meet on a common ground, thanks to the efforts of scholars who voluntarily spent their time and energy. On the other hand, we tried to organize interdisciplinary activities in discussing the various issues concerning religion and we made use of the expertise of scholars associated with religious studies outside of the subject of philosophy of religion. However, so far we did not take any steps to produce publications associated with the Society for Philosophy of Religion.

Encouraged by the experience in organizing scholarly activities that we carried out so far under the auspices of the society and the accumulation of the scholarly conditions, as the administrative board of the Society for Philosophy of Religion, we believe that the time has come to institute a publication. Accordingly, we decided to institute Religion and Philosophical Research in the year 2018, as an electronic journal.

Religion and Philosophical Research shall feature contributions not only by scholars studying religion from a philosophical perspective, but also by scholars studying religion from a theological perspective as well as from the perspective of religious studies such as sociology of religion or psychology of religion. Moreover, we believe that interdisciplinary scholarly works, in addition to works that reflect the perspective of a definite academic discipline, will increase the scholarly rank of our journal.

Religion and Philosophical Research is an electronic journal that will be published twice a year, in June and December. Articles to be considered for publication must be submitted at least two months before the publication period of the journal; so that examination of the material by the editorial board and the peer reviewing process may be conducted properly. Articles to be considered for publication should be submitted to the following address:

With all due respect to scholarly work and proper academic criteria to discriminate that which is approvable and that which is not approvable for publication, we would like all those who study religion seriously, who have expositions and theories concerning it, to contribute your scholarly work to our journal. We hope that we may work together as colleagues participating in the emergence of a new exciting initiative in studying religion.

Sincerely Yours,
Administrative Board of the
Society for Philosophy of Religion